Friday, February 14, 2003 :::


Hm... I'm an idiot... I just hit "sign out" instead of "post and publish."
Like I was saying => I just got dogged. Nice day for it to happen don't ya think? And guess what? I met him in December too. It seems I'm still haunted by that two month thing. *grr*
Um.... what else had I mentioned? Oh I got a note from the director of the prog just a few mins ago. It said she wants to see me. I'm crazy worried about that; I seriously doubt she's just gonna tell me that I'm an awesome person. Hm... Last time I talked to her she said I shouldn't be wearing black fingernail polish. Guess it's a good thing that I slept last night instead of painting my nails. Let's hope I don't get kicked out.
Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll! (yes, I'm from Texas)
Wish me luck!

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