Tuesday, November 11, 2003 :::

Cinnamon and orange spice tea

we're at aromas tonight. We've been here for a while - I've just finished watching Hackers. It wasn't bad. Just there's a scratch in the dvd right when it's getting all suspenseful and stuff.
There are loads of macs here tonight. It's odd. More macs than anything else.
I'm bored.
I need to start studying. Just it's too early. I hate studying before midnight.
I registered for classes for next semester. I'll be taking history 2, government 2, some joke chemistry class, philosophy, and... *thinking* microbiology. Oh and weight training for women too! lol. Maybe I'll lose some weight or something.
I was all stoked 'cause that means I'll only be lacking 4 classes to have all the prereq's for the BSN prog at tech. And I can take those 4 easy in the summer, and then be all set to start in the fall. Only thing is the prog starts every summer. So I'm sooo not making it. In which case I'll have an extra year to just chill and take jack off classes to just keep busy and stay in school. I'm thinking maybe I'll take another math class... maybe a real chemistry class and bio or maybe a couple of math classes.
David's stoked. It's looking like he may be graduating in the spring, or the early summer. I'm so happy for him.
We were talking earlier to a friend of his about what we'll be doing after David graduates and stuff. With this setback in my plans I've got another 3 to 4 years here. I know David wants to take some time off before grad school... but I'm not sure if he wants to take 3 years off. I was hoping to move back to Houston after I'm done... maybe get a house in a suburb or something. I dunno. *shaking head* For a long time that had been my goal - everything I was doing was directly because I want to get back there. But now... I dunno. Suddenly the glamour of the big city just isn't what I'm looking for. I guess what I'm trying to say is that's not where I'd like my children to grow up. Now that's a hell of a leap, eh?
So anyway... dunno what we'll be doing. Isn't it grand?

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