Monday, August 08, 2005 :::

maybe it was the parsley?

we made spinach lasagna last night, and chopping onions kicked my ass.
I'd never done it before, and when I saw lus peel a couple of onions I volunteered to cut them.
irby was crashed on the couch (he had a whopping one beer last night) so he was useless.
omg those onions! like... I was crying so hard I could barely see! and it wasn't just tears rolling down my face - my eyes hurt. ~hurt~.
so I never want to cut onions again.

lus came over early saturday evening, and we went to the pour house for dinner.
a while later irby called and then met us there.
lus asked hayden about the altercation that happened tuesday night - turns out pizza hut guy was involved.
I dunno... I think they handled it badly.
but oh well.
we left early - made a walmart run, and after much fanfare started making the lasagna.
it wasn't ready to eat 'till 06 or so.
but it's really good.

so my dad's in the hospital. he had an ebt saturday, an echo earlier today, and tomorrow he's having a ptst.
my sis & I are gonna go visit in the morning.
I think his chick is staying with him, so at least he's not bored.
oh and he ~loves~ hospital food. like, during lent he & I will go to the lakeside campus of a local hospital just to have lunch or dinner. it's pretty funny, 'cause my dad's a really friendly person and he'll start talking to the people next to us in line... and inevitably they ask who we're there to see... it's alway a laugh when he tells them we're just there for the catfish.

oh and funny story - milkdud's friend the devil... apparently he drove out to dallas this weekend...
something about being in the reserves or something...
only he didn't need to be there...
so he drove 600 cumulative miles for a 30 sec conv he could've had on the phone.
and he calls ~me~ a loser?

and this is the last thing, I promise.
that kid irby, that I keep ragging on for being such a lightweight, he emailed me pics from that night we met.
thought I'd share one with ya'll, to prove that he really does get trashed just by smelling liquor.

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