Friday, September 02, 2005 :::

I stand avenged

javi-er and I played survival last night... you know, for all the trash-talking we do, you'd think we'd be better.
think my record was 10 wins with christy, and his was 11 wins with devil jin.
and omg!
/me drools
this one fight was jin agst devil jin... I was like, "whoever wins - I win!"
(they're both super sexxxy)

I have this bear named Planet BoB, and lots of times when I play video games I'll have him in my lap.
javi-er has decided that planet bob is like my gaming fez.
we were emailing the other day and he said something like, "the bear is your link, from a good game to a bad game," much like the whole, "the crow is his link from the land of the living to the realm of the dead."
it sure made me laugh.

work has been hectic, and I'm not particularly happy to be coming in anymore.
/me sigh
dunno what it is... but I've been very uneasy lately.
last night I wanted to pick a fight with someone, but had the sense not to.
I'm tired, sleepy - just in a foul mood overall.
at least it's taco friday.

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