Sunday, September 23, 2007 :::

state of the union

sarah was in town yesterday, so she and I (along with our SOs) went to see the new resident evil.
after the movie we came back here for tea~
I had a really good time, aside from budd being an ass all night.
he didn't like the movie, and also isn't much for just sitting around talking so while sarah & zach were here he spent the time fucking around with a remote control and looking for an excuse to open up his laptop.
I'll never understand how one moment we can seem so perfect for each other, and the very next moment I can't even see why I ever agreed to meet him.
it's been happening a lot more lately, and from what he said last night (in front of sarah and zach - I almost died) he's quite bitter about me quitting my job. that all I do is pick fights with him after he spends all day being frustrated at work.
I'm sorely reminded of how awful my relationship with my david got when I was unemployed.
so yes, we've been fighting a lot. seems the only time we're happy is when we're having dinner while watching st:tng. not before, since we can never agree on what to eat... and not after, since I always want to watch more episodes than he does.
I guess me being unemployed is frustrating for both of us... and I'm quite interested in seeing if it will break us up.

anyhow... the movie wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. it didn't really end, which kind of annoyed both sarah & me.
she said something about having matching dishes like some that I already have, and that she'd give them to me. I'm pretty stoked about that, since all my dishes are adopted so nothing really matches.

and have I mentioned I hate living here?
I can't have a drink on my desk for more than an hour before an army of ants takes it over.
like, I either have to chug my sodas or just resolve to never getting to drink more than half.
fucking annoying, I'll say.

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