Wednesday, November 24, 2021 :::

cotton candy mac & che

 wooh mad mac & cheese for the first time today and it went great!

added the cotton candy spice pack which was disappointing - it tasted like mildly sweet mac & cheese, super pink and intimidating but what a let down when tasting it lol

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Thursday, October 28, 2021 :::

new high score

I really should've written that "hey fatty!" app because things have certainly gotten out of control =/

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Saturday, October 02, 2021 :::

I am a grocery bag

 I've been listening to that one album I like from they might be giants, can you tell?

with the raise I should be able to pay off my student loans in august.
it'll be a helluva bday gift to myself - getting out from under this has been something I think about often.
once I get down to $5k or so I may pull from savings and pay it off outright. won't shave much time off but I'm sure I'll be eager lol

also once that's closer to paid off I hope to try and start working on a master's again.
hope to switch to IT management since that's got the CAPM built in and will be much more relevant to my current role (rather than a career change for data analytics)

guess we'll see...

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Sunday, September 12, 2021 :::


 I forgot our anniversary again. ugh.

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Saturday, July 31, 2021 :::

get paid, son!

 I got a raise ^_^

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Wednesday, July 07, 2021 :::

“I panicked”


so we had donuts at the office yesterday morning and then one of my coworkers had to answer the front door.

he was standing in the doorway of my office talking to me and another coworker while eating a donut. he abruptly leaned forward and then said something like, “oh no, he saw me...” and he then walked toward the foyer to answer the front door (we hafta buzz you in - we have a glass entryway and while we have a sign that says “ring the doorbell” with an arrow pointing to the doorbell often people just stand there and press their faces up on the glass). 

a few minutes later he came back into my office and said "man now I got crumbs in my pocket" and pulled the fucking donut out of his pocket!

he said he'd expected someone else to come up and get the door so he could walk away, but when no one did he panicked and shoved the donut into his pocket while pushing the door open so that he wouldn’t seem unprofessional.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2021 :::

Acute Bronchitis due to Mycoplasma Pneumonia

it rained a lot here the last few weeks so we eventually had to work on the yard.
last week we pulled some weeds.

then this past friday we got our second covid vaccine shots.
fever, chills, muscle aches, joint pain.... the same shit all over again.


ok so the timeline
fri: shot
sat: woke up with a sore throat
sun: woke up with a cough
these are not symptoms that I had before.
but, you know, the yardwork...

at this point I'm having coughing fits that have not yet devolved into vomiting.
so I went to the dr this afternoon and woooh.
got a steroid shot.
antibiotics & cough suppresant at the pharmacy.


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Saturday, May 15, 2021 :::


last friday we got our first moderna shot. we both had fevers all weekend with varying other issues. we skipped work on monday and half of tuesday. only managed to hold out for a full day on wednesday due to an afternoon full of meetings. we've both still got lingering side effects... but the worst part of all of it is that the old recurring stress injury in my shoulder is back in full swing. burning throbbing that is too deep for massaging to help, it's dreadful. I'm amazed that I used to just live like this. and I'm sad that the bf is now experiencing it too.

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Saturday, March 13, 2021 :::

jfc I wanna get off this wild ride

welp, the bf got diagnosed with rce so that's been fun. and we've both got terrible allergies and with how the wind has been blowing (plus both of us spending significant amounts of time outdoors while on site) we are both sick now. aaaand the deadlines aren't going anywhere.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021 :::

it'd been a long time since I cried at the office

 I also officially told my advisor that I'm dropping out of school.

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Monday, December 21, 2020 :::

“hand me the bone file”

welp, it wasn’t a bit of tooth.... apparently it was bone =/

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Saturday, December 19, 2020 :::

jfc @ the last couple of weeks

 last week the bf's car essentially died so we made an impromptu day trip to DFW to get him a new car.
(couldn't make it more than a day since we had already RSVPed to the company christmas party on saturday so we left friday morning and returned friday night - he got a pretty great deal and the new car is really nice!)

on thursday I missed a call from the dentist's office
I got an email about the insurance claim from the ins provider and it showed that they only covered less than half of the total cost (both visits) and that I'd owe the dentist ~ $700 (I already paid ~ $850 up front for both visits).
so I wasn't entirely blindsided but tbh I was shocked at what the ins co covered and what I'm left responsible for.

PLUS the entire ordeal was so physically painful!
I didn't eat anything solid from nov 19 (due to the infection) through dec 4 (had some soft noodles the bf made). counting it out that's only 16 days but I lost about 10 pounds in that time (even drinking fluids was difficult so it was near impossible for any real kind of calorie intake).
in fact, I've still been struggling with what I thought was some weird scar tissue (it was raised) that was still tender.

it was not actually scar tissue.

when I woke up friday morning the back left side of my tongue was sore and achy.
turns out what I thought was scar tissue was actually a portion of tooth that was not removed.
it busted through my gums overnight and has been a pain in my [tongue's] side since then.

I called the dentist on my lunch break on friday.
they close at noon on fridays.
I left a really awkward voicemail about returning their call and also could I get back on the schedule as there's a portion of tooth sticking out and causing some pain.

it's funny in that I had just talked to my advisor on wednesday about the car and the water heater and he said something like, "well hopefully you can make it through the rest of 2020 yada yada," and I sure the fuck could not.

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