Tuesday, February 04, 2003 :::


Hey now... I didn't collect a single specimen yesterday. And I'm just gonna leave out what I did do. *sigh* It's really not that great. *asking for more valium* Oh I had a flat tire yesterday when I got out of clinicals. I called almost every guy I know in Lubbock, and a surprising amount of the ones who answered don't have a cross wrench. *sigh* I ended up just hitchhiking home and going to bed. My dad had it fixed for me... but this whole ordeal has made me realize there are some serious issues with my truck. I need a place to put a cross wrench and a spare tire.
Um... about that video... Yeah... supposedly he's gonna post it on his site. *shrug* I dunno.
OK... back to doing my research... *yawn*

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