Wednesday, February 12, 2003 :::


Well I'm off to work on my case study but just am not motivated yet. *sigh* I need to become a better student.
I was reading this kid's blog earlier.... just some random kid. It was pretty funny. Very opinionated kid. Very bad grammar and spelling. I felt like such a prude. While I was sitting here reading his posts I kept catching misspelled words and incorrect verb usage. I really need to write a paper or something...
I was thinking back to how my day went. We got yelled at by this nurse 'cause we caught an IV infiltrating in one of her patients. She was crazy peeved 'cause we're not allowed to screw with anything to do with IVs so we couldn't turn it off. Thing is, she's just an LVN, so most likely she's been through what we're going through right now. She was like "The nurse is right here telling you what to do" and then something along the lines of "get out." It was rather interesting, 'cause up 'till now I hadn't been exposed to anyone being hateful over our IV restrictions. *shrug* I thought she should've been a little more responsive, since we did catch something like that.

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