Saturday, September 27, 2003 :::

I (L) my VeggieCake...

oh hun I know I can be difficult... You are just so crazy awesome for putting up with me! Yes hun, you are THE AWESOMEST VeggieCake I know!!!

*fishy kisses*

so yes... I was late to work. Now don't get me wrong - I'm always late to work. Thing is tonight I was an hour late for work. And my sis had been calling and harrassing me this afternoon so I had changed my voicemail greeting to something like, "Yes, this is Tina. Don't leave the time you call. Unless you want to leave a different callback number don't tell me what number to call you at. Don't assume that just because it's been a couple of hours since the last time you called that I want to get the same message again. Don't waste my time!" So yeah... since I was late my cn called and got to hear that. lol. She was like... "Hate to bother you but you should be working tonight..."

Oh we're going to the fair tomorrow!!! *stoked*
I'm going to eat sooooooo much! I can not wait! I'm gonna go home and wash my shirt (I'm wearing my shut up shut up shut up shirt right now and I want to wear it to the fair too!) and then shower and comb my hair and then I'm going to wait for David to wake up so we can go!!

On a completely different note... Squishy, the HellSpawn, chewed through my power adapter so now I'm unable to charge my computer. So I can't do my homework. *grr* And it's gonna cost me ~ $100 to get a new one!
It's like... why couldn't he have gotten fried while he was chomping away?

Yes David and I got into a sort of fight tonight. He dumped me, kinda. Then he came back and said he was sorry. I'm really glad he did 'cause I'd be crazy bummed without him. See there's a sort of difference of opinion in regards to what "love" means. I love him with like... all of me. No matter what, ya know? And he says he loves me "unconditionally, as long as.." So you can see why there's a disagreement. *sigh*
We kinda duked it out in front of Aromas and all. I can't hardly tell when he and I are fighting. We both just kinda sit there and talk.... but we're both kinda peeved, ya know? It's intersting.
Anyhow... All's well in Tinaville. lol.

off to do some work - caio!

lol... I was finally able to be bothered enough to look up the image.
I my VeggieCake!

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