Sunday, November 02, 2003 :::

I wanna make empanadas

so I called my mom to try and get her recipe, but she didn't answer. When she called back I was asleep so I didn't answer. Not a good start, ya know?

David invited me to spend thanksgiving with him and his family. I dunno if I want to, though. I mean... it seems cool and all, but I dunno how I'd feel about that. I guess it's somthing I'm gonna have to warm up to at some point in time, but it's not something that I'm really looking forward to. What if she hates me? I mean... David and I have a very... how'd sandy put it? "interesting dynamic."
In other words, we rag on each other a lot. Like I'm always telling him next year's model will be crazy awesome... or that next year's model will drive a truck... or that next years model will not be such a prude... And he's always talking about Amy and Melissa, his make-believe heinas (I hope!). And we're always busting out with "I hate you."
You'd think that his friends wouldn't wanna chill with us, since we're a couple and all. That they'd feel like the third-wheel. But as far as I can tell none of his friends have felt that way. And as for my friends... well... I have none.
Hence all the time I spend online.
Sometimes it makes me not wanna get married. Or it makes me wanna elope. My last best friend... Well I haven't talked to him in months. And even then, he's a guy. Won't exactly make for the best Maid of Honor.
And I wanna have a baby. Who will be his or her padrinos? I know this sound really ridiculous, but seriously I worry about it. And David's not even Catholic. Now there are a lot of misconceptions about the Catholic church, but I was raised Catholic and I will die Catholic. And my children will be Catholic. Not because I feel it's the only way, but just because it's what I know. When they're old enoough to really understand the whole concept of faith, then they can choose what religion they are. And how will I know when they are ready? *shaking head* I'm not sure. But I do take the sacraments very seriously, and I will not force my children to be confirmed unless it is what they want.
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone who doesn't know what they "believe" in.

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