Sunday, November 16, 2003 :::

I've been neglecting

I've not posted in a while - and it's certainly not for a lack of things going on.

gawd one of the things I ~absolutely~ hate is when a guy is trying to convince me to go out with him even though I'm already in a "committed" rltnship. Now I'm not trying to single you out (you know who you are) but geez have a little respect for both of us!

We ate at Cheddar's today. It wasn't that great. And the company was a little... hostile. I dunno. It's not my place... he is one of David's friends... but this is my blog...
Yeah, he was rude. Seriously antisocial. He kept ragging on either David or me or both of us... And if it wasn't an outright insult there were veiled insults flying all over the place. It was weird! I've met this guy before and he'd always been nice enough; dunno what was up with him today. And David's such a sweetie - kept making excuses for his friend. Blah blah blah. Thing is, I wasn't only getting agitated because of what this d00d was saying about me... but he was ragging on David too. I dunno... I'm crazy about David... knocking him just won't sit well with me no matter who you are (see above also!). So anyway... enough about that.

My new computer came in. It's not as pretty as the one I have now. I'm gonna buy a colored keyboard protector for it, so maybe that'll help it some. I've not used it all. I really need to hop to it and start moving my files and music and stuff.

Squishy's being a pain. It's not entirely his fault, though. *sigh* He knocked over my laundry hampers and stuff... so looks like I'm doing all sorts of laundry tomorrow. I'm gonna see about maybe stopping by Wal-Mart on my way home and buying a laundry hamper that hangs over a door or something. And I need to borrow David's steam vac to clean the carpet before I switch rooms.
Speaking of rooms... we got these 10% off coupons from Home Depot that expire at the end of the month so I need to get my bum over there and buy my bathroom!

For the life of me I just could not fall asleep this morning. or this afternoon. or this evening. So I'm running off about 2 hours of sleep. *shaking head* My eyes already burn and I'm not even half way through my shift! And the computers are down so I've gotta do everything by hand. *sigh*

*twiddling thumbs*

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