Saturday, November 08, 2003 :::

not quite a mind fuck

I read somewhere that Donnie Darko is a total mind fuck.

I saw Kill Bill this past morning. I wouldn't say it's a mind fuck. More like a mind blow job. And you don't cum.

So yeah. It was interesting. There may have been more blood in Kill Bill than in Freddy Vs Jason.

I took my friend Chris out for his 21st bday. We spent about 8 hours on some pool, a couple of beers, a movie, and then lunch. The pool was pretty bad. I'm a pretty bad player. I did make this one shot that I actually ~planned~ and it was awesome! But I couldn't do it again, ya know? Then I bought him a Corona, and he got a birthday shot for free. He had it "straight," instead of "dressed." New lingo to me. *blushing* We ended up spending about 3 hours shooting pool and then about 20 mins on the beer. Then we went to the theatre to see Kill Bill. And it was... an experience. And I took him to Tokyo! That's like, one of my favorite restaurants! It's a little Japanese place where they do the whole cook-in-front-of-you. And our cook this time wasn't mad at the world (when David and I went our cook was extraordinarily anti-social). By then it was about 1500 so I took him home so he could get some sleep and so I could sleep too. I had to get up at 1800 to go watch Revolutions with David.
Revolutions wasn't too shabby. Much better than the second installment. Not as good as the first, but that's to be expected. I was pretty happy with it. I'd read some bad reviews and I could see where they were coming from, but I did get to spend 2 hours snuggling with my guy so I was a little easier on it.
He's the greatest.
We were supposed to go buy groceries... sometime this past week. Never got to it. So I came to work with a package of Oreos for lunch. *shaking head*

Oh oh!!! David's gonna let me decorate his apt for Christmas. *stoked*
I've never had the chance to decorate an entire room from scratch! heh... hope I can handle it. Hope he can handle it. *wink*

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