Saturday, November 22, 2003 :::

powdered doughnuts and twizzlers is ~not~ the breakfast of champions

I'm so tired. I didn't sleep too much... only about 10 hours or so. lol. But I'm seriously dragging. I went to Speeds yestermorning and played some pool with the guys. I was kinda hurt 'cause this chick walked in and they all started drooling and stuff. Something about her being the only girl in the whole place. *rolling eyes*

And I found some pumpkins!!! *stoked* Dunno if I mentioned it but I've been looking for some. See I'm spending Thanksgiving at David's with his family and stuff, and I'm supposed to make empanadas to take so I can have something to donate to the table. Only thing is, I've never made them before. I called my mom a while back to get the recipe, and she based it on the recipe for tortillas! Guess what else I've ~never~ made!!!
So anyway... the experiment begins today! I bought 3 pumpkins so I can be sure and maybe at least get one of them right. And then there's the whole story of the masa. I'm fairly confident I can get the pumpkin part of the empanadas right, it's the masa that's got me worried. I only bought 10 lbs of flour and 5 lbs of sugar - hope I don't have to go out and buy more.

Oh and I've finally decided what I'm gonna get David for Christmas! It is completely and utterly useless! And I'm gonna have him borrow my dryer for a while... and I've gotta get him something else too. A serious gift. I dunno... a wallet maybe?
heh -> cliff's suggestion

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