Sunday, November 09, 2003 :::

sisters spat

so I've been fighting with my sister about what she tells her boytoy.
She's ridiculous sometimes.... I mean, she asks me if she can tell people that I decorated David's bathroom with ducks... and she ~doesn't~ ask me if she can tell her boytoy things that I've told her as a "sister."
See... her boytoy... he used to live downstairs from one of David's best friends. And he told me that David was always chasing her and she didn't appreciate it 'cause she was always chasing him (boytoy). Now I don't know what David was doing before he and I started dating. It's none of my business, either. But I do ~not~ believe that she (the friend) was chasing the boytoy. She's just not that type of person. So anyway... I told my sis that I figured the boytoy was chasing the friend, and she told the boytoy! And then last night the boytoy was really trashing the friend - saying she was always coming home wasted and he always had to help her up the stairs and stuff. So I told him to stop and then I got up and left. Then he left. So I sat back down and then my sis came back and I told her the boytoy was trashing the friend. By this time my lunchbreak was over so I had to go back to my floor. Then the boytoy calls me to apologize, that he didn't mean to trash her just that he was telling the truth. Now that got me ~mad~.
I really don't think much of him. Never have. Before he found out my sis and I were sisters, he sure was talking some talk to me... at the same time he was talking to my sis. There's nothing I can respect in a man like that.
Now I don't think much of her either. She asked me tonight if I was still mad. I said no. It's my fault. I should know better than to trust her with anything.
I guess as an isolated incident this isn't so bad. Just things like this have been happening since I moved up here.
*crazy peeved*

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