Wednesday, November 26, 2003 :::

We went on a date!!!

So we went on a date last night... We stopped by the pet store and took some pics with my new phone. Oh wait, ya'll don't know about my new phone. heh.
Anyway, here's a pic of David.

Dunno how that's gonna show up.
Anyhow.. Here's what's been going on in my life the last few days:

Saturday Nov 22
I spent all day making empanadas therefore I got no sleep. And I had worked Friday night and had to go to work Saturday night.

Sunday Nov 23
I slept all day.
Since Squishy destroyed my last phone (the Uproar) that I kept on my headboard, I've started keeping my new phone (the skinny one) on a shelf next to me bed. Well there's also a lamp on that shelf. I slept all day since I hadn't slept the day before - and I'm a fairly heavy sleeper. I was having this whacked out nightmare about some d00d trying to kill me, David, AJ, and some other chick who I know but couldn't place. Anyway... in my dream we were running from this psycho killer and had to keep jumping through windows and there was loads of glass breaking all over the place. Now irl Squishy had been in bed with me but I set him down to go poopies and tinkle or some other reason. And either I fell back to sleep or I was only half awake when I put him down but for whatever reason he was down on the floor instead of in bed with me. And he managed to pull on the lamp chord - so the lamp fell and broke (hence all the glass breaking in my dream) and my phone got knocked off the shelf too. Now this phone is awful skinny. And since it was on the floor and Squishy, as we know, has a history of liking to chew on phones... well let's just say he chewed it to pieces.
~and~ broke my lamp.
We went to hastings that night... chilled with David 'till closing.

Monday Nov 24
Well I had a quiz this morning but caught a train on the way to school so I got to class super late and missed it. *grr* So we went back to Lubbock so I could buy a new cell phone. I got a new Samsung - not the one that twists, but it's still a picture phone. They let me "exchange" my chewed up phone and I signed a 2 year contract so I got this phone for like... $100. I'm sooo stoked about that. Now I'm trying to talk David into letting me buy him a new phone for Christmas (as long as he signs a contract! lol) since the phone he has now is older than me.
We went to Hastings again that night... and the screen on my g3 went out! Btwn David, me, and this d00d who works there we couldn't get it working again...
I went to bed early. This whole blog thing has really taken a lot out of me.

Tuesday Nov 25
I took the g3 to CompUSA this morning. They said it'd take 2 weeks... possibly 1 and a half if I'm lucky... They're sending it in to Apple to get it checked out. Apparently they don't have an apple certified technician. So if I ever do get that whole certified thing... I guess I could apply there.
**r00 it may not be what you want to hear. If it bothers you I'll send you the g4 instead!**
I got hit on while I was standing in line. It was hilarious. See David and I go by there fairly often... often enough for the d00d who specializes in Macs to know us. And some d00d... he's all... "That's a nice shirt you're wearing," (I was wearing this little navy blue shirt with a mt dew green caffeine molecule on it) to me. And I was like.. "Do I know you?" And so I just kinda stare at him 'till he walks away. And I guess his buddies were ragging on him 'cause a few minutes later he comes back to me and says, "That's a nice bag you've got." I've gotta admit my bag ~is~ pretty awesome. It's an orange and yellow Timbuk2 messenger bag. And so I'm still standing there staring at him when that Mac d00d walks up and says, "You've got no chance in hell. Her bf has a 17 inch PowerBook." Now that gets me to laugh (funny story about why David ~doesn't~ have a 17") and I'm like, "Actually, it's a 15." So anyway the d00d looks at me like I'm some kinda freak and just walks away. And the Mac d00d chats with me about what's wrong with my comp and how David's comp is doing and such. He's a nice guy.
And then this evening David and I went on a date!!! He told me we would last night, but I didn't really take him seriously. See he spends so much time studying, I mean... we never actually stay home but usually we're just set up at some coffee shop doing homework.
I couldn't decide what to do.
We went buy the mall... I wanted to go to the arcade and play some games. We saw a friend of his there, who recently moved in with another of David's friends (who just so happens to be a gamer) and they invited us over! I was ~so~ tempted!
So we hung around the mall for a bit... I had big plans to buy stuff but I just didn't find anything worth taking home. So then we stopped by a software store and then the toy store to look into buying a game to play at home. We couldn't decide so we headed over to Blockbuster.
Blockbuster has a limited supply of games but it's hella cheaper so we picked out... Celebrity Death Match and Enter the Matrix.
So for our big date we ordered a pizza and gamed!

heh... so that's what's been going on with me. How 'bout you?

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