Wednesday, August 18, 2004 :::

great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

when I got home from work last night david was asleep.
I talked to him for a bit online earlier, and it made me realize that he and I...
I wanna join a gym and work out for an hour or so every night after work (as long as I don't have school the next day) so I'll be getting home 0230 or later every night. And I go in to work @ 1600. David works 08-1700. He'll have school sometime - I'm not sure when, and I'll have school all day tues & thurs plus probably another class on mon & wed.
And I'll be moving back into my sis's house whenever my dad finishes making my bedroom.
So then I'll see him even less (since I'm counting the few hours we'll be in bed asleep at the same time as time we spend together).
I used to think working nights was bad... now... at least when I was working 11-07 I could spend some time with him in the evening.
And he thinks I'm dumb. 'Cause I've been "living" with him for the last year.
Except like I'm always saying - it's more like I've just been "staying over" not living here.
I went by my sis's last night... and I just sat on my bed there... and you could tell the room is mine.
I've got pictures of my family and friends (and a few of david and I) lining my 2 mirrors, I've got star trek posters and my favorite albert einstein poster... and bruce lee scrolls. I've got all my star trek books, plus one shelf where I keep all my other books (that aren't star trek related). I've got my star trek toys, on the walls, on the shelves... everywhere. I've got every single star trek episode I own sitting out looking awesome, and that klingon look-alike knife my friend Demetrius gave me.
It's pretty much a direct representation of who I am.
And that's what it should be.
Here... here I've got some clothes... and that's about it. I mean, I've got season 1 of andromeda and alll 10 star trek movies here, but that's only 'cause david gave them to me. I've got a few books, but like I said... just the ones david has given me, and a few I've bought on my own but haven't read.
And that about sums up all I've got here.
This whole place is his... don't get me wrong - that's how it should be.
Just I feel like I'm coming home to a hotel; nothing is mine and I'm not allowed to put stuff up on the walls.
no matter where I end up staying... I won't be seeing much of david anymore.

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