Saturday, August 14, 2004 :::

I don't hardly recognize him..

david's using blogger ~and~ now he's gone and gotten himself a .mac acct.
and asking dumb questions:

D: can i use 2 accounts
T: at once?
T: on ichat?
T: I dunno
T: I doubt it
D: ~sn~** on AIM and ~sn~ on .MAC?
T: *duh*
T: do you not see me logged in like 4 times?

** where ~sn~ means screenname.

we're probably gonna go watch avp tonight... me, david, and one of his friends.

um... I got a pcr last night at work... some d00d got in contract... so they gave me a cup. It say AT&T Wireless on it.
*rolling eyes*
But still, it's a cup.

WF2 and I went to Fazoli's yesterday after the movie - I've got leftover lasagna that I'm thinking about eating... only the container it's in is foil. How damned incovenient.
I'm so lazy.

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