Monday, August 02, 2004 :::

I say hey ya'll and yeehaw!

I woke up much later than I had planned!
I slept through my alarm ~and~ for whatever reason my wake up call didn't come in.
So now I'm rushing around trying to get ready but felt the urge to blog so here I am!

Been listening to Redneck Woman (Redneck Woman) and I've noticed maybe I'm not as country as I had thought.
WF1 and WF2 made the comment that they couldn't imagine me driving a truck. They both said they'd figured me for a VW driver - WF1 was convinced I drove a jetta and WF2 was convinced I should be driving a beetle.
*shaking head*
I gave them both a camera shot for thinking I'm into imports.

OK ok ok time to get back to getting ready!

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