Monday, August 02, 2004 :::

/me lusting after gunk

yes it's true. I've still not even gotten paid yet but I'm already looking into ways to spend my money.
so anyway...
check this out: Alpine's iPod interface
It looks pretty nifty, don't it?

Well, nicc's been spamming my moblog for the last few mins. My stargate episode kept getting interrupted by homestar runner saying "email" all dorky and stuff....
*shaking head*
check the comments on the pics if you're interested in what he's been saying.
Also, I was watching... well I forgot the name, but they showed onscreen how to spell "naqahdah" so I went back and changed that post I'd made so that it's spelled correctly now.

We went bowling tonight - I bowled with a heavy ball (9) since I couldn't find a 7 (my ideal) or an 8 (what I usually get stuck with) that fit my hand. I did fairly well, coming in 3rd out of 5 twice, and 2nd out of 3 once (the last game I actually beat david!). I'm thinking of maybe buying my own ball - something w/ tinkerbell on it.

Well it's late and I've not got anything else to say.

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