Tuesday, August 03, 2004 :::

my knee hurts

~a lot~
I noticed it was hurting last night when we were bring the dogs back inside and I had to step over the 2 partitions...
And it's been hurting since then.
Well I mean, it's not a constant - it only hurts when I do anything that bends my leg.
We went to walmart last night in david's little car - about killed me getting in and out.
I rubbed some tiger balm on it last night... felt better, only I was in bed not up and about so I'm not sure if the tiger balm really helped.

I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep...
so I guess it's not surprising I overslept again.

Friday there was a big party that started at WF1's apt and went through most everyone's living locations. Apparently WF4 stripped down and ran around naked for a bit. and WF3 threw up on herself and then passed out.
The whole class was abuzz with what had happened Friday night, when WF1 leaned over to me and was like, "I dunno what they're still talking about - it's just a typical weekend." lol. (he parties pretty much every day)
So yes... I'm pretty happy with my decision not to go. I'd have been a baby sitter again.
*shaking head*

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