Friday, August 06, 2004 :::

my lust has been filled

we ~finally~ went to taco bell tonight, so my lusting for imitation tacos has been filled.
but only after we picked up Predator, Predator 2, Monster, and some other movie david wanted to see that I've never heard of. Mostly we picked up the movies first 'cause blockbuster closes at midnight.
Also, we went to walmart after I got off work - I'm making tuna helper to take for lunch tomorrow!

Work was ugh... I dunno I just wasn't in the mood after 2000. So I pretty much just sat there listening to my ipod.
I did refer a friend, so hopefully they won't screw things up and I'll get a little refer-a-friend bonus.
Only... my buddy... the anarchist hippy... he's the friend... and he's been out of town... so he didn't realize we'd moved to the ghetto already... so he left my receipt (the paper I'm supposed to give HR if they screw things up and don't pay me) on the little clip at the apt.
I stopped by there today on my way to work, but the guys in there working on the carpet said they hadn't seen anything.

So I'm finally getting a paycheck tomorrow. How gross that I have to go in and pick it up. And if I don't pick it up they'll just keep it there for me - they won't mail it to me.
*shaking head*
and it could be aaaaaages before before the whole direct deposit thing gets worked out.
For real - up to 3 pay periods.

Gawd the dogs are fighting again. It's really getting annoying; they've always growling at each other through the partitions.

We watched Predator tonight. Not too bad. And it wasn't spooky at all.
.oO(speaking of which I better update my queue at netflix)
Predator (the collector's edition) is number 1 in my queue, but it doesn't get released 'till Aug 10. Gawd knows we couldn't wait a few days to watch it. *rolling eyes*
I'm trying to get prepared for Alien vs Predator... since I'd never seen Alien or Predator I decided to watch them before I see AVP.

With all that said I think I'm gonna go to bed. I took some benadryl a while ago so Godwilling I'll be able to sleep.
I need to get up early to go get my dumb check, I've gotta make my tuna helper, and I'm gonna try to go by lan force to pick up some bawls.

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