Saturday, August 21, 2004 :::


I have this rash on my neck... it's red and itchy... my friend WF2 saw it at work yesterday.
I didn't notice it 'till I got out of the shower today. I took some benadryl and didn't think about it again.
So I went about my business - played video games all afternoon w/ WF4.
Then david and I went to see my friend Lus play (his band Back at Zero opened for Moya tonight) at Texas Cafe here in town. It was the first time BaZ had played in front of an audience. They were all really stoked.
And they sounded awesome. I just wish they would have turned up the singer's mic. I couldn't hardly hear him.
Anyway... we showed up at Texas Cafe @ ~ 2200... but by 2300 I was dying. my neck was on fire and wanting me to scratch at it.
So we came home and I took more benadryl and put calamine lotion all over my neck.

And now we're watching one of the Halloween movies. That mask he wears is dumb.

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