Sunday, August 08, 2004 :::

these dogs!

they're impossible!
Lucky's always barking and stuff at Squishy, but squish pretty much just blows him off.
most of the time.
If one of us (david or me) is around then Squish jumps back at Lucky...
Squishy's very protective of us.
Aside from that, Squishy'll just go about his business... playing or sleeping or whatever he's doing.
I dunno why lucky doesn't like him anymore... maybe 'cause Squish has gotten older?

I'm looking for a job again.... in some sort of hospital environment. Maybe they'd pay me more?
This check I got was absolute shit. $7.50 an hour... 35 hours a week... minus taxes and stuff... came to ~ $475.
that's not even counting insurance or anything like that!
So yes, I'm gonna go back to applying at UMC again.
*crosses fingers*

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