Thursday, August 19, 2004 :::

what's in a dream?

ok so like... I've been having weird dreams.

I just had a dream about being a sprint pcs rep and someone's wife called in to review their billing (they were on a shared plan) and she couldn't understand why she was being charged for going over minutes when the only reason they were over their minutes was 'cause there were numerous long calls to a certain number. I had her give me her wireless number, and her name and the last 4 digits of her ssn. After that we went on to discuss her bill. She didn't recognize the number and didn't even know anyone in texas. Thing is... the number she didn't recognize was my number. and... those calls were made to me. and... I looked at the name on the acct.... and it was ~her~. His wife.
And then I woke up.

Night before I had a dream that I was at work taking calls. And people just kept calling in angry and wanting credits and escalating... and I went on break but left my phone in aftercall.... and all sorts of crap.
When I got to work yesterday, I felt like I'd already been at work all day.
It was awful.

And night before I dreamt about playing age of mythology. Dunno if I mentioned that already... but it freaked me out that when I woke up I was in bed and not in front of my computer.

So anyway....

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