Friday, August 26, 2005 :::

epic battles all around

adrian & I have been watching firefly all week (minus last night). it's one of those things that I knew he'd love, so I talked him into watching the pilot... and he ~loves~ it.
so he's enjoyed watching them and supposedly he's buying the dvds today.
sunday night I'm going to force my sis to watch all the episodes; she wants to see serenity, so I think she'll like 'em too.

yesterday irby & I tried to go buy some liquor, but wayne's didn't have the vanilla vodka I was looking for.
I've ~got~ to get out to the strip tomorrow.
only I'm not too sure where it's at.
and I've ~got~ to clean my apt. ugh.

last night the anarchist hippie and I were sitting around talking when suddenly I had the urge to play with legos. so we ran off to walmart and bought some.
we tried putting the knights together without directions... javi-er did well enough, but I had my knight's legs stuck where his arms should be.
we also got some sidekick-infantry-animal guys...
all 4 are now waging war on my coffee table.

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