Thursday, August 04, 2005 :::

I should've called in

work is slow tonight.
I'm kicking my own ass for not calling in.
I could be playing god of war right now.

I just read a bit of a walkthrough for it - only up to as far as I've gotten in the game.
medusa killed me three times before I went to bed.
after my third death I called her a "snake-headed whore" and stormed off.
I'm all stoked about the game, though.
I'm gonna go back and do the whole romp-in-the-hay with the half naked chicks. instead of jumping into bed with them I told them to get out and then I ran off to kill some demon d00ds.
this game is really cool, ya'll.
you get health by killing humans - I still think that's great.
but omfg the camera angles blow.

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