Tuesday, August 30, 2005 :::

... I'm sweet enough

adrian gave me a copy of snatch for my bday.
I love that movie... and I hadn't seen it since he reclaimed all his movies a few months ago.
we went out for dinner and then he went home, but as soon as he was gone I popped the movie in.
my little neighbor d00d was watching something absurdly loud, but aside from that I enjoyed the movie.

before too long javi-er came by.
we played some tekken to avoid talking, but we were both kinda bummed.
eventually we talked about what was bothering each of us.
I'd been kinda concerned that he was mad at me, and I sure didn't wanna lose another friend... but it wasn't anything I did that had him bothered, and I'm so glad.

we talked a bit about what I now know to be the downfall of the friendship I spoke of yesterday.
I'm a pretty easy going person, so long as you stay away from certain topics; don't insult the guy I'm dating or any that I've dated, don't insult my friends, and don't talk about how much weight I've gained.
seems all 3 of those came up in conv that night, and I guess I could have handled things better.
I still stand by my choices, though - I won't apologize for something I don't feel I was wrong about.
friends are the most important people in my life, but I won't compromise who I am.

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