Tuesday, August 23, 2005 :::

jesus wore sandals

you all should be so proud of me; I made a friend last night.
apparently I've got a new neighbor - this kid named chris.
and he seems like a good enough kid.

I was laying on my hood last night smoking when he pulled up. after a few trips back & forth to his truck he said something.
the moment of truth!
instead of doing my usual glare&run I made some lame comment about his apt being drastically cleaner than mine.
after that we just kinda chatted & had a couple of beers....
when javi-er showed up we all played some tekken and then headed out to rosita's.
**FYI: rosita's is only open 'till 22 on mondays and tuesdays**
since it was a little after 02 rosita's was closed... so we headed to ihop.

that kid chris has been in town for about a week and has only met 3 people (some chick at a store, me, and javi-er)... apparently that chick works at ihop.
it was kinda funny, imo.

then we all went back to my apt and played more tekken.
eventually javi-er went home, but me & chris kept playing 'till sunrise.
he seems like a really cool guy, and he's into video games too.

omg! one more thing! he moved into the apt where the 7 el salvadorians were living... apparently it's only a one bedroom.

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