Saturday, August 27, 2005 :::

... just at tekken...

we played some heated tekken last night, then went out for tacos.
omg! the ~funniest~ thing!
I threw a chip at javi-er, and then he threw a sweet & low pack at me... things escalated and eventually I took him by surprise.
he was leaning down to sip some tea from his straw... and I punched him in the head.
not hard, mind you, but I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 mins.
seriously - I couldn't hardly breath & people were staring.
just the look on his face! shock, anger, betrayal... priceless.

after that we went back to my apt for some more tekken. we'd just come in from a smoke when I noticed milkdud called. I called back and got invited out for tacos!
javi-er was kinda sleepy but I didn't wanna go by myself, so I drug him along with me.
I finally got to meet the devil, and I've met his chick before, and some other d00d whose name I don't remember...
and jordan did a startling accurate rendition of dane cook's bit on fighting a monkey.

when javi-er and I got back to my apt we played a few more rounds of tekken... gawd he & I talk such garbage and get so rowdy when we play.
I've taken to just choosing random all the time, in the hopes of becoming a more well-rounded player.
the downside, of course, is that I'm not particularly good with any specific character.
unless I become the fanatic that I was with tekken 4; I learned everyone's moves, including a good portion of nina's combos & throws.
(she's still a whore, though)

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