Tuesday, August 02, 2005 :::

le pant y le caw

crow night has been a complete disaster - we didn't even make the pumpkin pies!
ok so the pumpkin pies don't really have anything to do with crow night, but we figured since we'd be up all night we may as well make a couple of pies, ya know?

but like... the anarchist hippie is working days all this week and next, and is off tomorrow.
only, he's been up since the crack of dawn. and I stayed up really late last night talking to slave, so I didn't get to sleep much either.
he ends up dozing half way through the first movie. eventually we take another smoke break, and he's fine after that... but neither one of us thinks we'll make it through another complete movie.
so we've post-poned, again.
think we'll try again this weekend sometime.

instead of putting on another movie, we decide to watch bits of the first movie in french with spanish subtitles.
it's pretty funny, really... like... we both got a load of cheap laughs out of it.
my favorite kill is still tin tin's... that whole "victims, aren't we all" gets me every time.
I dunno. I went through this phase when I thought it was ~such~ an awesome movie... then I thought it was absolute crap... now I'm back to thinking it's an awesome movie.
I'm glad too - since I've got 2 crow posters.

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