Saturday, August 06, 2005 :::

no longer mystical

overall there has been something near mystical about taco friday.
it's not just driving into the barrior for tacos, but the experience on the drive over, and sitting there for an hour after we've finished eating, just chatting and all...
last night, taco friday was... different.
javi-er and his sidekick james (I love both of these guys) went out with me, but also 2 other guys came with james - his little brother and one of his cousins.
it's not that either of thse new guys was mean or anything - they seems like really nice kids.
I just really don't like meeting new people. I'm uh... really antisocial, or something.
so they all rode together and I drove myself... and the whole meal was kinda pressed... and then we sat there not talking for about 5 minutes before we left.
I dunno.

when I got home I took some lortab and had meant to finish god of war...
instead I fell asleep.
I'm kinda mad, 'cause I wanted to finish the game...
guess I can finish tonight, but I think lus wants to go out. and I don't think I'd do too well if I was trashed while playing.

she's got a bible; she's born again
she's got a shutgun; ain't afraid to sin

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