Thursday, August 11, 2005 :::

rawk! she wants muh nutz!

you know... honestly... I do feel that's a legitimate battle cry.
that's just me, though.

so I went over to my sis's for a while last night; I'm trying to get used to spending time with her, since pretty soon I'll be living with the nut.
we watched a couple of movies again - the third crow movie and independence day.
salvation was actually better than city of angels (the 2nd crow movie), imo. I didn't really like the guy's hair (it was short instead of long), but aside from that it was cool.
I hadn't seen independence day since it was released in theatres (summer of '96), and omg I cried when the president's wife died. I think maybe I really like the chick who played her, or maybe my attachment is just left over from her role in battlestar gallactica.

omg! lus got me some more socks!
see, I am a sock ninja.
it's a really funny story about me, squish, and david... but yeah, I run around sometimes swinging socks around like nunchaku...
*cough cough*
so anyway! back when I still worked at the hospital lus, the anarchist hippie, and I were having a discussion about which would be preferable, communism or anarchy.
a month or so later lus brought me a pair of commie socks! it was so great. (here's a link to the commie socks lus got me)
and last night, mostly for my bday, he gave me a couple of pairs of socks!
che socks and bicycle porn socks.
(I have no idea what bicycle porn is, and neither does lus, but it was still really funny)
and so atm I'm wearing the bike porn socks, and have been showing them to anyone willing to look at my ankles.
(all socks by sockguy)

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