Tuesday, August 02, 2005 :::

sharing secrets

so it's come up more than once in the last couple of weeks - thought I'd clear it up once and for all.
most of the images I use aren't mine. usually I'll take a couple and work 'em into one, but really the only picture I took is that one of the clouds on my main page.

the cloud with door picture uses a pic I took on the way to albuquerque when I was turning 21. I can't find the original, but I've got the edited pic... I had to take out some ground and the timestamp... here's the cloud and here's the door.
the hooded angel pic uses some concept art for the crow 2 and a picture of glass wings from a catalog.
the header image of my blog uses a photo from a kodak tutorial.
what else? the crying angel on my about page is just this picture enlarged and with a color change.
oh and my 404 error page's bound angel is here, again with just a slight color change.

I think those are all the pictures I've actually decided to use.
periodically I google for images to use, just in case I'm struck with inspiration and want to make another page.
for the most part I've got more pictures than I've got things to do with, but I'm sure when I get bothered enough to make more indexes for all my folders I'll be running short.

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