Wednesday, August 10, 2005 :::

she really does have a straw hat

adrian come over for a bit last night... for whatever reason he wanted to be home by midnight, so mostly we just lounged about the living room talking.
he makes fun of me being spoiled; says I throw tantrums (I do, but not nearly as often as he claims) and that I should be stomping my feet... I kinda make a face and whine sometimes - mostly that just gets a laugh out of him.
so I threatened to cry, and he didn't believe I could, so I did... not like it mattered, since he kept on teasing anyway.
all in all I had a good time with him, like I always do.
he ended up not leaving 'till nearly 01, and I now have a toothpaste tube that means the world to me.
*rolling eyes*

after he left I thought about cleaning up, but instead I headed over to my sister's.
we ended up watching a couple of movies - the ever popular romeo must die and this chinese film called dragon inn.
omg ya'll that dragon inn movie was insane!
it had the chick who played flying snow and the guy who played sky (from hero) in it. but seriously the movie was really weird. not saying it was bad, 'cause it held my interest and all... just it was weird.

and omg ya'll my sis is retarded.
I'm sure I've mentioned before that she's lactose intolerant.
*shaking head*
we're sitting there between movies, and she asks if I want some ice cream.
apparently she's got a gallon of homemade vanilla in her freezer... get this - "in case of emergency."

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