Wednesday, September 28, 2005 :::

are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream?

adrian and I've decided to date again.
seemed like a good idea to make it retroactive since we'd been spending so much time together lately, so we've decided to make it effective as of the day we hung out at best buy & watched the brothers grimm.
so since sept 3.

I read a book night before last... something in the book reminded me of him.
it was interesting to want to see him or talk to him right that moment.
instead of calling him I just sat up for a bit, took note of how I felt, and then went back to reading.
some romantic I am, eh?

I had the weirdest dream btwn 07 and 0730 this morning...
the kid was in it, and I was taking her to school or something, and playing hopscotch, maybe?
amy was there too, and I was asking her why she divorced berto while we played with the kid...
then lj, this kid I met at that hardcore show javi-er took me to... he was vomiting, so he tried to get into my bathroom, but jeremy (AKA tooter) was in there and refused to come out...
and we'd had brkfst or something, so lj was vomiting up bits of potato on my couch and almost hit me with his projectile vomit.
so yes. gross dream.

and ever since I watched cinderella I've had all those awesome songs in my head.
like, constantly.

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