Friday, September 16, 2005 :::

I believe in you

my sis came over last night... we chatted w/ my little neighbor for a bit then watched the last 2 dvds of firefly.
I bought her the immortal edition of the first highlander movie a few days ago, but hadn't given it to her 'till last night - she hopped around and screamed a bit.
/me rolling eyes
we were up 'til 06 watching firefly; I went to bed & she put on the movie.

I was late to work today.
I'm not sure if maybe my alarm just didn't go off or if it did and I turned it off.
/me sigh

I think maybe I'll rent a room this weekend... or maybe next weekend...
I dunno. but I think I wanna just lay in a hot tub for a few hours.

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