Friday, September 23, 2005 :::

I call him tooter for a reason

so um... I was at market street last night... picked up assorted fruits I've never eaten before, one being a little box of cape gooseberries.
I didn't like them too much so I brought them to work with me, in hopes that the guys would eat 'em.
so gizmo took one, bitched about how it tasted, and refused any more.
tooter... he took one, licked it, held it in his mouth for a few mins, then decided to SPIT IT AT THE WALL! once it bounced off the wall he scooped it up, wiped it off on his jeans, then popped it back into his mouth while hollaring, "five second rule!"
then he bit into it, made a face, and spit it into a napkin and threw it into the garbage.
/me shaking head
he does an awesome pig impression though... sounds just like a pig oinking.

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