Wednesday, September 28, 2005 :::

I could get used to this...

but it would not be cost effective.

I came to work this morning @ 09, then went to lunch from 1230-14.
instead of going home I stopped by barne's & noble and poked around for a bit - picked up the battle for betazed (I've been aching to read it since I read lwaxana's bit in tales of the dominion war) and anxiously grabbed the battle for god.
then I stopped by chickfila for food...

I've gotten a lot of things off my wishlist - it's down to 100 from ~ 115 or so.
now I've just gotta spend more time reading and less time sleeping.
or maybe just more time awake during the day?
/me shrug
oh and rob's back from thailand! yay!

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