Wednesday, September 21, 2005 :::

interested or not?

I'm not sure why anyone would be so damned intent on going out with me.
seriously - I'm not that great. I'd rather stay home and read or play video games than go out and face the crowds. and as much as I hate to admit it, I do tend to lean towards being a nerd.
and I don't even want someone that's going to be around all the time - I'd rather jack around on my own or with friends than spend every day with my "significant other."
/me sigh

I went and managed to get a hold of a vhs copy of soldier (rawk!) & a copy of bloodsport (w00t!), and I also grabbed a copy of suicide kings (I've never seen it, but it came highly recommended). and I got 4 cassette tapes (I didn't know they still made them). I got adrian a vanilla ice tape - I could tell he wanted it. lol
we were at the mall to get balls for my hamsters, and I grabbed those plus some new food. their brother was still there, but I didn't get him 'cause I don't think there's enough room for him. I'll need a bigger cage, and I'm planning on getting them a bigger one anyway... so hopefully I can do that pretty soon.

I feel gross.
I've been achy everywhere plus the severe pain in my shoulder... and I've been absurdly queasy today too (I blame that on the massive headache I've got).
I bought some tylenol pm (yes I know, but I'm sure my liver will be fine) and slept for about 12 hours last night, but I still feel gross.
think I'm gonna do that again tonight, and hope I feel better tomorrow.

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