Tuesday, September 06, 2005 :::

revenge of the grape jelly

the show on sunday night was surprisingly fun; I had a really good time watching the kids hardcore dance.
I also recognized a song by remembering never, and I like throwdown well enough.

I lounged about a lot yesterday, reading and watching a few movies.
adrian and I watched the fog (absolute crap, really), then I went over to my sis's and fought with her...
went home & read for a few hours then watched the rookie (disappointing) and ever after (I love this show), and then went back to reading.

I've not yet started on any of the books I bought this weekend, but I'm almost done with the fountainhead.
think after this I'd like a nice suspens-y novel, but I dunno how well I'll handle house of leaves.

work so far has gone by quickly... good thing too, since I think I stay late tonight.
I don't think I like my new schedule, but it's not so bad this week as it was last week.

oh I cut more hair off - didn't do so well this time.
there's a tuft of hair at the back that's about an inch shorter than the rest.
I haven't decided if I'm gonna go to a salon to have it fixed, but if I do color it I may as well get it evened out.
plus my sis offered to pay for the haircut, so at least I won't be shelling out anything this round.

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