Sunday, September 04, 2005 :::

shattered expectations

BoB is married.
I knew he was engaged, but I guess I never really expected him to marry her.

friday adrian and I went to b&n for some books...
this whole coming into work early and getting out early is making me feel obligated to do things while places are still open.
anyway... I finally got a copy of farenheit 451 and house of leaves... plus some book on how to make sushi (it was on sale).
I was torn btwn the sushi book and an autobiography of st thomas aquinas. I ended up with the sushi book 'cause st thomas is like a pet of mine and I wanted something different.
/me shrug
I swear there's msg or something in those tacos; I'd still been having a shit day (no offense to adrian but I always hafta be on good behavior around him or we'll get into huge fights) and so had javi-er, but after we started in on those tacos we both felt loads better.
there was this creepy drooling guy a few tables over, who got kicked out and almost got a beating with it... dinner & a show, according to javi-er.

yesterday I had a really bad morning...
around noon adrian & I went to best buy to buy a movie...
I got my mail from the postman - he laughed because I was only concerned about netflix & macworld... and he knew my name, which I thought was kinda creepy.
/me shrug
we walked from best buy to the movie theatre (just across the parking lot) and caught a showing of the brothers grimm. it was surprisingly unspooky, with just a few things that popped out and startled me.
we went back to my apt & lounged about (seems I'm still avoiding cleaning my apt)... and now I'm at work.

my shoulders and back are aweful sore.
I got all pissed off yesterday when it occurred to me I probably couldn't do a front over.
I got more pissed off when I proved myself right.
I've been doing front overs since I was about 6 years old, so I decided I'm gonna practice this week and get back into doing them.
the plan is to work in a few tick tocks once a week or so.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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