Thursday, September 15, 2005 :::

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I keep buying crap.
in the last few days I've bought final fantasy 7, tekken tag, a ps1 memory card, 2 toothpaste for dinner books, a toothpaste for dinner coffee mug, hamsters & hamster junk, a tshirt, the firefly comic books, and assorted other crap that's not worth listing.
I think it's 'cause my lease is almost up, and I can see the end of my budgeting days.

think the first thing I'm gonna buy is a fridge, and then I'll start saving for a new computer.
and at some point I'd like to get a cell phone of my own again, but I'm not so tied to it as I used to be.
honestly I'm not in too big a rush to get a new computer, aside from when I get really frustrated with using windows at work.
I really wanna get some new bookshelves, and loads of books to fill them.
hm. I'm not sure when this shift in my choice of pastimes occurred.
/me shrugs

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