Tuesday, January 10, 2006 :::

show me your stats

so the new intel macs are out...
I'm watching the macworld keynote now. these things are always so long.
and looks like he stuck to the black slacks.
hm. he just said "scrolls like butter."

calendars and cards direct from iphoto. good stuff.
wtf - podcasting for photos?
yeah... it's kinda growing on me.
wonder if you hafta dload the photos
seems awful wasteful of disk space
and if you hafta use iphoto for it....
oh wait
he just answered it
you can use any rss reader to subscribe. which means yeah, you hafta dload the images.
but can only publish to .mac
aperture seems nice but I didn't pay too much attn to it

I've never really used imovie, but the whole 'export to ipod' seems cool
dunno about video podcasts, though r00 speaks highly of them.
the themes in imovie are pretty cool... only it kinda reminds me of the geocities templates.

podcasting in garageband sounds super cool - lets you record ichat audio directly into the podcast you're making. also has some loyalties-free jingles you can use.
"Hi I'm steve & welcome to my weekly podcast Super Secret Apple Rumors," jobs says, "the next ipod will be huge - an eight pounder with a ten inch screen."
wow. I'm quite impressed. I've never made a podcast, though... so I really can't compare... but it seems really awesome.

the iweb app that was leaked seems quite nice, but I'm not entirely sure it's something that'd make my life too much easier.
and again it publishes to .mac
I do wish they'd change that.
you know, I'm not entirely sure ilife would be so great if I didn't have a .mac acct.
and boooo it only adds links to the itms so people can preview the music you've added.
and a 30 day free trial on iwork for all new macs.

so the intel imac is supposedly 2-3 times faster...
for the same price as the pwrpc imac. sounds like a bargain.
"crossgrade" sounds dumb. still dunno how I feel about rosetta...
this roz ho claims there will be a msn mssngr update soon... about bloody time.
50% off ms office when purchasing a new mac. that's nice.
photoshop sure takes a while to load using rosetta... seems to work just fine after loading, though.

this crowd is going wild over the intel mac commercial.
and then, of course, his "one more thing..."
the macbook pro. (I don't like the name)
the stats look impressive.
very thin, awesome display, frontrow, and a built in isight.
magsafe is a nice idea, too - more than once my laptop's gone skidding across a desk 'cause someone tripped on my pwr cord.

so the big news is the intel macs running ahead of schedule.
guess that's all for now

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