Monday, February 20, 2006 :::

but I have a headache

so work today has been interesting - gizmo & tooter got into a bit of a shouting match earlier.
my weekend was mostly uneventful... seems I slept through sunday.
I woke up last night about midnight... read the eyes of the dragon then lounged about 'till it was time to come to work.

I picked that book up last time I was at the bookstore... told adrian I wanted something about a dragon - something written from the dragon's point of view.
something through the eyes of a dragon.
this book, while quite literally through the eyes of a dragon, is not what I had in mind.
but oh well. got myself a bit of a fantasy fix.
think the art of war is up next.

rob and I've been chatting all morning... it's so nice to talk to him.
and we always talk about the most random stuff...
he's promised to get me xbox live for a while if I get halo 2 & a decent net connection...
I'm supposed to be writing his story, since I know him so well... but all that comes to mind is "One day, the tall sexxxy brit got out of bed... ran a bath... then played halo 'till bedtime."
and I think that'd mostly be true.

as I said, my sleep schedule's starting out this week in more of a mess than usual...
and it's cold!
think it's 27 outside... maybe 35 or so in here.
ok... maybe I exaggerate, but not by much
/me brr

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