Wednesday, February 22, 2006 :::

the clueless ninja

so adrian and I had a big talk last night...
guess we're better off now.. or something.
I did finally get the chance to give him his real valentine's gifts...
got him a copy of serenity and batman: year one
he seems to like 'em, so I'm glad.

the dinner last night went well - hardly anyone showed up, so I didn't hafta meet new people.
I did have lasagna, and the little d00d giving the presentation was a cutie.
he was all cowboyed up, and I promise if he'd been 20 years younger and a couple inches taller I'd have given him the eye.
my sis and I had a really good time... I combed my hair and even wore some makeup.

think irby and I are getting together tonight to work on his site.
I've never had a subdomain before, so I'm not real sure how that's supposed to work.
plus I've never really been a fan of dreamweaver, which is what he's using...
guess we'll see

and I dunno wtf, but my neck is sore - hurts to look down...
wonder if it's from reading?

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