Thursday, February 16, 2006 :::

make the quiet louder v2

I had this big post typed out...
changed my mind.
don't think I want to talk about it after all.

rob's been especially fiesty the last couple of days.
on valentine's he'd said something like:
    rob: i love u
    rob: and i think i could live with u
    rob: but i wouldnt put up with ur shit
it made me laugh, 'cause he's a little turd... and yes, that's me impersonating his typing. lol
so that's what I meant by the title of that post.

and tooter, in a fit of rage, head-butted the chair next to me. then kicked it. then picked it up and almost through it...
'till gizmo shot him with some windex & he went running.
and now tooter's using one of the ceiling tiles as a shield...
guess at least some things are still the same here.

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