Wednesday, February 01, 2006 :::

POE of DOOM!!!

(no, I didn't misspell pie, it stands for power over ethernet)

so like... I'm sitting here bored to tears (the tears were quite real, actually - let us all glare in milkdud's direction) when we get a call. milkdud says it's for me, so I answer...
"technical support this is tina"
and we talked for about half an hour about all sorts of random crap.
he's doing well, still in the valley (and yes, I did request a menu from kumori), and still being himself.
oh how I miss him.

and I got an im from someone else I know from back home - we'll call him siesta.
this is a bit of our conv:
[19:35:29] tina: I like to think
[19:35:36] tina: that if I really was interested in someone
[19:35:46] tina: I wouldn't let gender stop me from at least trying
[19:35:55] siesta: interesting quote
[19:36:02] siesta: you should blog about that
[19:36:19] tina: lol

so that's that.
adrian and I are gonna watch either razor blade smile (number 2 on my worst movies ever list) or hellion: devil's playground (another australian film) here after I get off work... and I'm starving, I tell you.
I had this madd stomach ache last night, but the death shuffle cured it.
/me giggles
looks to be an interesting night.

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