Wednesday, February 15, 2006 :::

pretty purple flowers

ok so like... I was all riled up (read upset, not stoked) 'cause I was almost positive adrian had ordered me some flowers.
now I love getting flowers. I think it's a great way to say hello, ya know?
I've always mostly despised getting flowers on valentine's. especially roses.
too cliche, imo. like I'm some cookie cutter girl with no defining characteristics.

I was right.
he ordered me flowers.
but when I opened the box...
the little note said 'blah blah to my favorite ninja' and that just made my day.
and the flowers, ya'll.
pretty purple flowers with a cute red vase.

blogger's been giving me hell.
for the last few months I've been unable to do a full publish of my blog (meaning the stuff that's already archived is not being updated with template changes)... apparently since november.
now I'm unable to update even the main archive for this february.
dunno wtf, but I'm seriously thinking of using something else.
any suggestions?

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