Monday, February 06, 2006 :::

realm of the undead

well my new work schedule has taken effect, and I'm sitting here in zombie mode.
I'm still mostly asleep, and I'm really thirsty.

this weekend was... interesting.
my sis organized a healing seminar this weekend, and asked adrian & I to attend.
we ended up skipping on friday night, but we did head out saturday.
it was... interesting.
my sis had some man she knows from back home fly in to lead it...
and he kept commanding the devil to come out of people.
forgive me, but I do not believe the devil causes rheumatoid arthritis.
I do believe in the power of prayer, though... but more in the sense that if the person you're praying for believes prayer will help then it will.
it did bring to light the fact that my sis spent several years church hopping; the service was blatantly not catholic.
now, I know catholics get a lot of grief... people saying that we're bored and such in mass. really I see it as being reverent...
other denominations, and I mean no disrespect, have always seemed too... light-hearted for me.
does that make any sense?
not that I feel like we should be sitting there morosely, but... respectfully.
/me shrug
may have something to do with catholics being more fire-and-brimstone than other denominations... well, depending who you ask, I guess. think lately the church has been trying to become more positive, but in general I think it's still mostly true.

that's mostly how my weekend went.
and if you're wondering how the excersizing is going...
it's quite awful, I tell you.
/me winks

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