Tuesday, July 11, 2006 :::

for better or [really] worse

my site's been down since the weekend, and I mailed my hoting co about it yesterday.
they've been bought out, and when I mailed them I actually got a bounce back.
so I went over the email I got saying they'd been bought... the mailto: link wasn't set up properly. not a good sign.
so I mailed my new bigger better hosting co...
and they changed something.
they made it worse.

before I could still log into my cpanel... got all sorts of errors and I couldn't really do anything, but I could get logged in.
now. after the email. I can't even get logged in.
nor can I get logged into my pepper site, but that one at least is still up.

so here I am, on the verge of looking for a new hosting co... without a proper backup in 6 months.
/me sigh
I guess it may be karma - for all those times I've teased r00 about losing all his stuff due to not backing up regularly.
really all I'll lose is the stuff in /images/ and my 404 page that I love so much.
but I guess when it comes down to it I did back that up 6 months ago.
and my blog is so much more important to me, and all of it is backed up on blogger's servers.
(I say that now, and I can just see blogger's servers spontaneously combusting)

I think I'm gonna give this new hosting co 'till the end of the week... then mostly likely I'll see about moving somewhere else.

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